We’re excited to announce that Danielle Gaither has agreed to join our team as a Developer!

For those of you who don’t know Danielle, she is an engaged member of the Denton tech community through her involvement on the TechMill Board of Directors and the Denton chapter of Women Who Code, a veteran of the Marines and the National Guard, a talented photographer, and is also a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at the University of North Texas.

We’re really excited to see her apply her diverse talents and experience to the work we do.


We think the story of how we got to this point is interesting and is a sign of the strength of our tech community here in Denton. Brandy and I have been talking about the possibility of needing to look for someone to join our team for at least the last 6 months. We knew it was on the horizon but didn’t know exactly when the finances and work would fall into place.

We also didn’t want to go through the normal job posting and interview process. Instead we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open as we hang out with different people in the community – looking for signs that someone would be a good fit for our team and that they might be looking for a job.

Then one evening I was lurking in the #littled-rb channel in the TechMill Slack and saw this post:

Danielle’s Slack post hinting at looking for a job

And I thought “Hmmm, Danielle might be looking for a job!” I brought the idea of reaching out to Danielle to Brandy and she agreed that we should see if Danielle would be interested in lunch. Needless to say, lunch went great!