Our privacy policy below will fully detail how we use your data, but in general, we strongly respect your privacy and believe that you own your data. Your trust is very important to us and we will do everything we can to earn it through every interaction you have with us. This privacy policy applies to every digital interaction you have with us, from browsing our website to using our apps to sending us email.

We help to maintain your privacy in a couple ways. When possible, we don't store your data. But sometimes we need to so we can provide you the best experience. When we do store your data, we use service providers that have best-in-class security and privacy protection.

We will regularly review this privacy policy and the systems we use to store your data to ensure that we are always doing the best we can.

How We Collect And/Or Store Your Data

As of the effective date of this privacy policy, we collect and store your data in these ways:

  • iCloud

    We store the data you enter into the Teaching Notes app in iCloud, a service provided by Apple. This data is stored under your account and we cannot access your data. This data is also covered by Apple's privacy policy, which you can view at

How You Can Control Your Personal Data

  • iCloud

    If you have purchased our Teaching Notebook app, you can remove or change the data you store in iCloud through the Teaching Notebook app.

Notifications of Changes to this Privacy Policy

Any changes to this policy will be posted here, at We will write about any changes to this policy on our blog at and share a link to the post on Facebook from the ShepherdDogHQ page and on Twitter from @ShepherdDogHQ.

Effective Date

The effective date for this privacy policy is 15 October 2015.